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 Post subject: So what's the real reason for the lock down?
PostPosted: Sat May 16, 2020 10:15 pm 
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Today protests were held ageist the lock down. Conspiring internet rumours of man made viruses and billionaires with the “cure” only add to the fire. Such nonsense is common right now as people “witch hunt” online.

But its not why I'm writing this thread.

Covid 19 is real and not going away any time soon.

So why are we on lockdown?

The simple answer is money..... as always.

The government estimated 500,000 deaths from covid 19 in the UK. The viruses effects older people more and most of them own property.

So let's argue 500k people who own their own homes died in the pandemic. How would that effect the UK?

First the governments probate service would be overwhelm and probate would take years to complete.

500,000 homes hitting the UK property market all at once would crash it wiping up to 60% off values with the predicted economic recession following the pandemic.

Areas like Blackpool or Hull housing would be worth more as hardcore for road building than homes. In London or Manchester million pound or more homes would take years to sell and then only at a discount.

Those who have mortgages now would be trapped in negative equity leading to an increase in home repossessions driving the housing market down further.

For those who rent an opportunity would arise to own there own homes for the first time but with a housing market crash few would take up the opportunity. Rents would also decrease collapsing the buy to rent market.

With the collapsing housing market government revenue received on property sales would be slashed. Council tax bands would need to be recalculated as millions request rebanding on the grounds of decreased property value.

Overall it would push the UK housing market back into 1991-94 situation that would take 20 years to recover from.

Unfortunately this isn't an online conspiracy its well known most of those over 50 years old own property. If the UK loses too many of them, too fast.....economically we're frked. With a second more deadly wave predicted over the winter.........we mite still be.


 Post subject: Re: So what's the real reason for the lock down?
PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2020 10:40 am 

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A document was released by the German Government (Deutscher Bundestag) on 03. 01. 2013.

The document details research conducted around possible catastrophes / epidemics and how the state should respond. The 2nd part of the document deals with risk analysis around protecting the population against a pandemic such as Modi-SARS.
It is like a blue print of what we are seeing today and mirrors it like a script.

The Coronavirus made it’s first appearance in 2012 and was labelled as a possible vehicle for a pandemic.
The document gives an analysis of how this pandemic will pan out and how to deal with it. It states that it is highly probable that it will happen.
Angela Merkel gave a press conference and reported that it is probable that up to 70% of the population will contract Coronavirus.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, a German physician and epidemiologist states that during a normal cycle, up to 70% of the population will contract a “normal” flu but if there is no test to determine which virus caused that flu then it gets labelled as “flu”.

Dr Mark Siegel, an American physician questioned the diagnosis of Coronavirus as the population is not being tested for the virus.

The document released by the Deutscher Bundestag tables the effects of a pandemic on people, environment, economy and other effects.

People – 7 1/2 million probable deaths (in Germany)

1/3 to ½ of that number will be “missing people”

Environment – zero damage

Economy - maximum damage
Impact on public disorder will be high
Political ramifications will be massive
Psychological ramifications will be high

It will be a world-wide pandemic and the document names viruses which could cause this…SARS Coronovirus – Covid, H5N1, HIV etc.
Covid was 1st isolated in 2012 in 6 patients. The document details the symptoms and it will be manifested in Asia North America and Europe. It even mentions that it will start in S.E.Asia in February and will be identified as Covid in April and spread rapidly. The duration will probably be 3 years.

The document details how to deal with the pandemic, firstly quarantine (in particular self-quarantine). We are following the blueprint exactly although some countries will have their “own methods”. One of the outcomes is a reduction of your basic rights:

The right to privacy in your own home will be curtailed
Basic human freedom will be curtailed
By government decree people can be compelled to inoculation

Life will change completely for years:
Vocations cancelled / tourist industry terribly affected with serious repercussions.
Traffic – increase dramatically so restrictions will apply
Food – borders activated
Medical and pharmaceuticals
Nutrition – food production, major impact with reduction in produce (rations)
Juries will be disrupted
Garbage and refuse removal
Looting, plundering, fake medication, civil unrest, anarchy
Governments will bail out large industries
Freedom of association – control of people and numbers of people in groups
Surveillance – technology will be used in this situation
Small industry will suffer the most

 Post subject: Re: So what's the real reason for the lock down?
PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2020 1:27 pm 
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Yup! I read a paperback!

 Post subject: Re: So what's the real reason for the lock down?
PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2020 6:10 pm 

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I bet you saw the movie too [9n5.gif]

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