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 Post subject: Re: Contentious but needs to be said.
PostPosted: Fri Oct 26, 2018 9:28 am 
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f politics wrote:
What fooked me off recently is the Kennel club, rspca, dogs trust to name but a few.
That and the Positive only brigade. People who refuse to give their dogs boundaries, refuse to use negative reinforcement in their training.
Every dog is individual, every dog comes with its own issues, 1 size never fits all.
And the main point of this post....
I am strongly against the government trying to dictate and criminalise responsible loving dog owners who use e collars to give their animals a full, safe and fulfilled life. The rate of sheep being killed, lambs being aborted has increased so much it’s an absolute tragedy. As has the amount of dogs been shot dead or worse wounded by farmers protecting their livestock, rightly so.
I am sick of the likes of the above big companies who spend tens of thousands of their charitable donations, on new state of the art buildings with pretty paw print glass, massive wages, who euthanize animals deemed untrainable because they refuse to look outside of their little positive training only box. The half truths they feed the general public and the total fabrications.
It is so very sad that the use of e collars are being shown as some barbaric tool that is harmful to animal welfare. But which has in fact saved hundreds of animals from being put to sleep, saved hundreds of livestock and wild animals from death and injury.
I’m not saying all dogs need them they don’t. In fact most town dogs for example rarely are in a position that they can kill a sheep, and these are the people this big businesses are targeting with emotive bullshit.
Check chains, dog halters, can be just,no more uncomfortable for a dog as they tend to be used for life, an e collar that is used for extreme behaviours, prey drives, and so on, has a quicker, long lasting effect with no fall out, despite lies to the contrary. The only fall out would be from misuse lack of education, and regulation.
There has never been an abuse case in this country concerning e collars, never, zero, none.
And to top it off, they are on about keeping the containment collars so you can still shock your dog with these, but that’s ok. Seriously lack of knowledge here is deeply disturbing.
Someone could do as much if not more harm with a lead a stick or your foot than most decent e collars.
Please any one who loves their animals out there, don’t just listen to the politically money orientated ramblings out there, if you have even the slightest question as to whether these training tools can actually help many many dogs, people other animals, do some investigation into it, make a rounded informed educated opinion, not one based on emotive politically driven ideologies.
To just even this up a bit, I am a balanced trainer and mainly teach with positive reinforcement, but also negative consequences if required, that can be as little check on a lead, to a loud NO, whatever is required for the individual dog, and no I’ve not had to use an e collar, but If I had a case that needed it, I most certainly would do.
And the most annoying thing about all this, these days a lot more people rescue these animals, they have come through these rescue centres with pos training only and find they have a sheep, deer, squirrel chaser/ killer on their hands, and often have spent years and hundreds of pounds on well intentioned positive only trainers, but had to end up using an e collar. They are not lazy, looking for a quick fix nasty people. And the majority of the time their dogs are now happy, free running members of the family living life to the full.
Why would anyone want to criminalize this people for that is beyond me.
There are numerous videos out there showing e collars being used, stopping sheep chasing for example.
The positive reinforcement gang do not have this video evidence, so please just watch a few, “take the lead dog training “ on you tube for example. Or look at ARDO association for responsible dog owners.
Take the time to learn all sides of this please. Before hundreds of owners are criminalized and hundreds of dogs end up euthanized, shot or kept on a lead for life. Just question things. Please. Even if you end up with the same opinion, that’s fine, just form that opinion with education and knowledge.

I'd never heard of an e collar! thanks poly xx


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